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IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier
A unique subpixel classification tool integrated into ERDAS IMAGINE produced by Leica Geosystems. Get quantitative results at a subpixel level. Also allows you to develop signatures which are scene-to-scene transferable.

COSMEC Subpixel Classifier
Subpixel Classifier is also available as a plugin to the Common Spectral MASINT Exploitation Capability (COSMEC) software system, a US government image processing package.

Image Calibrator
An entirely automatic, entirely image based atmospheric correction process that calibrates images to units of apparent reflectance. Currently in beta form as a standalone process.

Adaptive Terrain Change Analysis (ATCA)
A series of processes tied together in a unified workflow that identifies signficant change within a pair of spectral images.

A hyperspectral processing tool that identifies spectral absorption and emission features in terms of their position, width, and intensity. BANDS software is integrated into hyperspectral classifiers and exploitation tools. BANDS can also be used in other applications where gaussian feature identification is required.

BANDS software is also used in the Common Spectral MASINT Exploitation Capability (COSMEC) package, a US government image processing package. BANDS software is the final step in the NIDA material identification process which is used with hyperspectral imagery.


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