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Landcover Change Detection

Change detection involves the use of multitemporal data sets to discriminate change in land cover or in a phenomenon between dates of imaging. It is particularly useful in Ecosystem Analysis.

Many techniques are currently being utilized to detect change using remotely sensed data. These include:
· Image difference
· Post-classification (i.e., classify images independently and subtract)
· Principal Component Analysis
· Tasseled Cap Analysis
· Vegetation Indices
· Image Ratio
· Multi-date Composite Image Change Detection (date1 + date2 = 1 image)
· Manual On-Screen Digitization of Change

Change detection between two dates requires at least the following:
· Temporal consideration
· Atmospheric correction
· Radiometric normalization
· Image registration

AAI's ATCA software can identify small occurrences of change, over broad geographic areas, in multispectral imagery

Examples of change that can be detected between two dates of imagery:
· Clearcutting, selective cutting, other forestry operations
· New construction, development or land scarring
· Spoil piles from underground digging
· Tunnel entrances and shafts
· New or expanded roads and lines of communication
· Stressed vegetation
· Changes in water levels

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