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Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
Web Map Demo

AAI's QSC2 software was used to map water quality parameters in Lake George in New York state. These results were combined with other GIS layers to form a dynamic map of the area using Adobe SVG technology.

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Instructions for using Demo Map

To view the map, you need a small SVG Viewer plug-in file installed in your web browser. At this time only Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher is fully supported. Users of Netscape Navigator and Communicator will only have minimal accessibility to the SVG features. If you do not have the plug-in or the images on the map do not display properly, download the free SVG Viewer plug-in from Adobe.

For more information about Lake George Water Quality, visit the Darrin Fresh Water Institute's web site.

Instructions for using the SVG Web Map
Instructions for the map:
 Zoom in:
Press the "Ctrl" key and click once in the map to zoom in centered or drag a box over the particular area.
 Zoom out:
Press the "Ctrl" and the "Shift" key and click once in the map.
Press the "Alt" key and click in the map, hold down the mouse button, and drag in any direction.
 Back to original view.
Click on the map to display data.
Note: Right-click in the map area to open the contextual SVG pop-up menu.
Tip: You can disable the "Higher Quality" option to cause the SVG image to display more quickly, but with lower quality.
Instructions for the legend:
 Turns theme on or off.
 Brings up the attribute table for the theme.
Instructions for the overview map:
Drag grey rectangle to change extent in map.
Other Tools:
 Turns coordinate read-out on or off.
Move cursor over the map. The coordinates are displayed in the browser status bar.
 Turns measure tool on or off.
Use the mouse to draw a line representing the distance you wish to measure. The line can have one or more line segments. Double-click end the line. The length you measured is displayed in the browser status bar.

Proceed to the Demo

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