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Applied Analysis Inc.
630 Boston Road
Suite 201
Billerica, MA 01821

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In addition to software training, we provide a broad range of training services related to remote sensing and the use of satellite imagery. Our experts can show your staff exactly how to process imagery and produce products. Our training programs are practical and very hands on. Not only do we cover the theory behind our applications, but we address the potential pitfalls that can hinder real operational use. It's this sort of practical advice and training that you won't find in most academic training courses.

We can provide single-day and multi-day programs at our facility in Billerica, Massachusetts, or we can visit your facility within the United States or beyond. Our staff of trainers have appropriate clearances to allow onsite training sessions with minimal disruption to your staff. We can develop custom course materials and training sessions that meet your specific needs.

Why not use our experience to help get your organization up to speed?


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