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Applied Analysis Inc.
630 Boston Road
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Billerica, MA 01821

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Technology Demonstrations

At Applied Analysis we work with cutting edge remote sensing techniques and technologies. We can help introduce the use of satellite imagery to your organization or we can help improve your current operations by demonstrating how satellite imagery would be used most effectively. We do this through

· feasibility studies,
· prototype applications,
· exercises.

Talk to us and let us show you how satellite imagery can work for you.

A feasibility study lets you see exactly what's involved in applying satellite imagery to your problem and whether it is a good match for your needs. From there we can develop techniques and workflows and demonstrate them in a real prototype application. We are also available to participate in data collection exercises and in data analysis. We can show you and your sponsors how satellite imagery can work in a truly operational context.

We have done numerous feasability studies and prototype applications for customer including NASA, military and intelligence groups, and private companies. We have participated in exercises ranging from small algorithm tests to large-scale military exercises such as SP97.


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