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Applied Analysis Inc.
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Environmental Monitoring

Applied Analysis Inc. is a world leader in the rapidly emerging field of environmental geosciences. We specialize in the exploitation of remotely sensed, geospatial imagery to derive key environmental and water quality parameters. Our expertise includes:

· Nonpoint source pollution assessments
· Water quality assessment for freshwater and marine environments
· Remotely-sensed water quality monitoring
· Landcover classification and change detection
· TMDL development
· Watershed modeling
· Urban mapping (impervious versus pervious)
· Watershed restoration action strategies
· Bathymetric mapping

Since 1984, AAI has expanded the boundaries of remote sensing by creating advanced automated spatial data analysis tools. We apply algorithms originally developed for space research to earth sensing problems. Our solutions overcome inherent sensor resolution limitations by expanding — to the subpixel level — the useful information that can be derived from multispectral and hyperspectral satellite and airborne imagery.

Our proprietary software provides landcover data at a resolution that exceeds that of other processing software for a variety of water quality-related applications. Those include the assessment, predictive modeling, and monitoring of critical environmental processes such as landcover change, eutrophication and algae blooms.

AAI comprises a world-class team of scientists, software engineers, image analysts, and program managers. Together, we have the collective expertise, vision, and resources to find unique and innovative solutions to complex problems on a local, regional, national, and international scale. Let us help you gather the information you need without using expensive high-resolution imagery or time-consuming field methods.

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