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Applied Analysis Inc.
630 Boston Road
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Billerica, MA 01821
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The potential benefits of using remotely sensed imagery have been touted for several decades, but all too often are only realized in a research context. At Applied Analysis Inc., our approach is to develop practical, operational applications of satellite imagery. This means we seek a blend of new techniques and proven approaches that are combined in automated processes and workflows. The desired result is a robust, repeatable, and sufficiently accurate solution that meets the needs of customer's requirements.

Very often we work with customers who are looking for new, more cost-effective ways to do traditional mapping and sampling activities or they are looking for new solutions to problems that have been impossible to tackle using traditional means. New techniques and flexible approaches are required, and at AAI we specialize in just that. Through creative thinking and years of experience, we have the ability to look at old problems in new ways. And it is not enough to find techniques that only spectral processing experts can use. We find solutions that can be used by any organization with modest technical means.

The key is our use of automated techniques and phenomenologically-based algorithms. Cookie-cutter and traditional approaches just don't work reliably or require expert judgement to apply. We begin by looking at the customer's requirements. Quite often we can help refine and develop these requirements. We then look at which technologies are most appropriate to meet the requirements. We next design a total solution to fit the customer's needs and budget. By using phenomenologically-based algorithms implemented using automated software, we build operational workflows that are robust and repeatable.

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