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Waterways Mapping

Where are all the waterways?
This is a Landsat Thematic Mapper scene of the Tingo Maria area of Peru. You can easily see the large river in the middle of the scene. There are however, hundreds of miles of other waterways in this rugged, inaccessible region. Can you find these smaller waterways?

IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier did!

Includes material © Space Imaging L.P.

Waterways serve as a key element in the region’s transportation and communication networks in this mountainous region. The Defense Mapping Agency was interested in finding uncharted waterways/transportation routes using Landsat TM imagery.

Working with a series of signatures developed from the large river, IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier processed Landsat TM imagery to find locations of water in smaller rivers and streams.

· The region is largely inaccessible
· Ground survey is extremely expensive and time consuming
· Multiple training sets were required to develop signatures for a range of water depth
· Area is too vast and mountainous for airborne imagery to be collected and effectively used for mapping

IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier identified hundreds of miles of waterways using signatures derived from the large river. Other filtering and interpolation techniques were utilized to generate a comprehensive map of waterways in the region.

IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier can identify most any material, in this case exposed water, if it occupies at least 20% of the pixel. Rivers, streams and tributaries were identified, even where partially obstructed by overhanging growth which is so prevalent in this region.

Includes material © Space Imaging L.P.


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