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Tree Cover Details

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Can you distinguish the trees from low shrubbery and grasses?
As part of a military exercise in an arid region of New Mexico, military analysts used IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier as one of their tools for Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield. Their goal was to identify areas where large military vehicles could be hidden...and could not be hidden. (See Tree Cover Mapping)

IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier did!

Analysts wanted not only to distinguish tree cover from low shrubbery and grasses, but also to determine tree cover density. Their objective was to maximize the effect of limited monitoring resources over a wide geographic area.

PED_TM.GIF (83440 bytes)

Pedernal Peak
30 m Landsat TM data 
4,3,2 band combination

Includes material © Space Imaging L.P.

Analysts used IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier to process two entire Landsat images to find whole and subpixel occurrences of trees in the arid landscape. Pedernal Peak (above) is an extract from one of the Landsat images.

Traditional classifiers and techniques can detect vegetative regions but can neither distinguish between various classes of vegetation nor describe the amount of vegetation within a pixel.

PED_PHOTO_THUMB.GIF (21375 bytes)

IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier distinguished trees from other vegetation.


PED_BLOWUP_AASAP.GIF (44418 bytes)

Maximum Likelihood Classifier
Note confusion between
vegetation types.
Also, no information regarding
amount per pixel.

Includes material © Space Imaging L.P.

IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier
Distinguishes trees from
other vegetation and provides quantification per pixel.

Includes material © Space Imaging L.P.

IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier
provided tree cover density information. Pixels classified as tree cover were placed in classes of 10% percent increments of tree cover, each represented by a different color.

PED_AASAP_ANIM.GIF (159257 bytes)

TREE_COLORS.GIF (2467 bytes)

IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier
Tree classification of Pedernal Peak

Includes material © Space Imaging L.P.

IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier
Each shade represents a different
amount of tree cover per pixel

IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier
provided more intelligence information than traditional spectral image processing techniques, serving as a valuable addition to other information sources for Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield.

All green areas (IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier detections) that are visible under the yellow areas (Maximum Likelihood Classifier results) are tree covered areas with potential hide sites that were not detected with the traditional image classifier.

Another view of the difference between Maximum Likelihood Classifier results in yellow on the left below and IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier detections on the right in green below. The different shades of green represent the different density of tree cover reported in each pixel by IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier.



IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier: Green
Maximum Likelihood Classifier: Yellow
Includes material © Space Imaging L.P.

PED_MAXLIKE.GIF (2949 bytes)

PED_AASAP.GIF (7886 bytes)

Maximum Likelihood Classification

IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier Classification

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