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A Cost-effective, Faster Alternative to Soundings
Bathymetric analysis based entirely on satellite images provides a useful alternative to traditional methods. These advantages include:

· Greater accuracy
· More detailed mapping
· Lower cost
· More current data
· Ability to analyze inaccessible areas

Water depth results from IKONOS image by Space Imaging

Comprehensive, proprietary software developed by Applied Analysis Inc. (AAI) can generate bathymetric maps from satellite images alone. This software — Quantitative Shoreline Characterization 2 (QSC2) — was developed originally for U.S. Navy bathymetry analysis and has undergone extensive independent testing and accuracy assessments. The bathymetric map (above) of Plymouth (MA) Harbor reveals a spatial pattern that corresponds directly to the bathymetry indicated on the USGS topographic map (below.) However, the bathymetric map provides more detail and utilizes more current data.

QSC2 is particularly useful for updating nautical charts or identifying navigational hazards. Those can include waterways that need to be dredged due to storm surge deposits or natural sediment accumulations. At other locations, such as denied or remote areas, depth maps may be the only useable navigation aid available.

AAI also uses QSC2 in processing satellite images to measure and map water quality parameters such as turbidity, chlorophyll, and dissolved organic carbon in waterways. Compared to traditional methods of analysis, QSC2 offers a cost-effective alternative that can be completed in a fraction of the time.


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