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Applied Analysis Inc.
630 Boston Road
Suite 201
Billerica, MA 01821
 PH: 978-663-6828
FAX: 978-663-6389




At Applied Analysis Inc., our algorithm developers and software engineers work closely to turn an algorithm design into usable reality. Once the algorithm has been coded, we go through an iterative process of testing and refinement to be sure it performs as expected and is sufficiently robust for operational use. Before delivery we develop a Quality Assurance test program and exercise the software. Very often, our Applications Group will become the first users of the software and they further exercise the algorithm in realistic applications.

We have a wide range of potential host platforms for algorithms. We have extensive experience creating add-on modules for ERDAS IMAGINE and COSMEC, both full-featured satellite image processing packages. This allows us to implement algorithms efficiently without having to create all of the support software needed to process imagery. We can also support ENVI development or custom applications using C, C++, and Java.

In addition to algorithm implementation, we integrate the software and image processing results with leading GIS systems. We also have experience in web application development to publish image processing and GIS data base results on the Internet.


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