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Applied Analysis Inc.
630 Boston Road
Suite 201
Billerica, MA 01821
 PH: 978-663-6828
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Most satellite image processing algorithms are simple mathematical operations that can be applied to imagery. While straightforward to produce and apply, they don't always result in the best performance or the best solution. Our approach is different.

What sets Applied Analysis Inc. apart is our phenomenological approach to algorithm development. We consider the chemical and physical properties of materials and how they affect the spectral absorption features of the reflected radiance. Then, taking into consideration the absorption and scattering properties of the atmosphere, we craft algorithms best suited to the characteristics of the radiance detected by the overhead sensor. This allows us to tailor an algorithm to your specific problem to find a high performance solution.

Often we will build on our existing technologies to produce new algorithms. You don't have to settle for an off-the-shelf solution. We also apply our extensive experience with remote sensing and satellite imagery to develop new and innovative algorithms that go beyond the traditional approach in pursuit of higher performance.

Finally, it's not enough to produce a new algorithm or formulation. You have to consider how it will be implemented and used. We seek to develop algorithms with a high degree of automation to reduce the burden on the analyst and allow them to focus on their problem and not the tool. We code these algorithms into standard image processing packages, such as ERDAS IMAGINE, so that the end result is a truly operational solution.

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